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Down Bad Guile 3" Die Cut Sticker

$2.50 - $15.00

Remember cheering on America's BEST while he made heartfelt brotherhoods, destroyed nations, and pillaged civilians through the Gulf War?

FUCK NO, Guile was too busy busting asses like Mike Tyson in Vegas, and freakshow Blanka in Brazil. He broke apart the USSR with a single SONIC BOOOOOOOOMMM, and round-housed Chun Li like it was the 1950's! Jean Claude Van-Damme does the splits thinking about this man and its about time he gets the US love he deserves!

But ya know, Veterans Affairs! Things are tough, support Down Bad Guile now! He has more medical insurance than I do, and still can't get Suddam's stupid moustache out of his dome. 'Merica Strong!

3" X 2.67" HIGH QUALITY Die Cut Vinyl - NO BS!